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Nagamzor's Application

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Curtis Nagam



Esterhazy, Saskatchewan, Canada


GW E100
Object 268



Currently grinding six other tier 9 tanks as well.


Currently interested in being a clan wars ready soldier/player. In the future would be willing to learn and help out with training (do that in real life), or any other role.


General available seven days a week for Clan Wars.


Previous Clans:
ENSEA & 7AD17 (current one).

Reasons for leaving clan or reason for looking for new one:


ENSEA was a clan with a group of average to better than average players who didn't do bad in clan wars with a lack of strategy. Only left the clan when the leadership quit the game and most of the CW players went looking for clans that were active.


7AD17 is an active clan that has fairly good strategies, but they don't have recruiting standards. They have very few players who understand how to play their tanks and where to shoot on enemy tanks for CW. Myself and AIRBORNERULES (who is also applying), generally do very well (top two or three in damage), but half of our team has less than 500 damage if they do any damage. Losing happens, but we often lose to clans who are not very good and who have bad strategies. I often see players in my clan lose battles when they have a two to one advantage. We came to 7AD17 to be more active in clan wars and play with people who have strategies and good players so we can win more, and learn more. There has been a lot of changes lately with players leaving and the main reason we are looking to leave is that the clan is moving backwards not forwards in CW. They have a training program that isn't very active, and myself and AB offered to help people and only one guy took the training. We've been doing worse in CW and people aren't willing to learn to be better. The leadership and regular players are not willing to do what it takes to win (which is working harder to get better on tank skills, and recruiting and retaining better players).

EN-SE and 7AD33 both changed into ENSEA and 7AD17 (so I consider them the same clan).


I am interested in joining Enjoy because they do well in CW, which I believe is a measure of their players and leadership, however this is not the only reason. I've platooned with inacoma98 and a few other people through him and have enjoyed the games and the social aspect. In pub matches, the players seem to be more respectful than other top tier clans which is I also believe is another measure of the players and leadership. AIRBORNERULES and myself would like to have an active clan that we can learn more with, improve our skills, and also be a part of clan battles where there are more than one or two players doing damage. The people in our current clan are nice people, but we would like to be more successful and the leadership doesn't allow that to happen. From the conversations I've had with inacoma98 and reading information found on the internet, it appears that Enjoy is the right fit for us. We also have not applied to, nor talked to, any other clans about joining them. This is not a carpet bomb of applications. We like Enjoy players and would be extremely happy to join and try to help out making the clan more successful in CW and tournaments if done.



My seven day damage is down because I have been helping a real life buddy who started last week. Been playing mostly tiers 2-4 with him. I don't play low tiers to seal club. I prefer to challenge myself and advance my skills and my stats, not take the easy way out of improving my stats, but my friendships are important which is why I'm helping him and taking the "hit" to my stats in some ways.