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Wuluck application

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  • Clan you are applying to: Enjoy -_-
  • First Name:Beni
  • Age:18
  • Location:Romania
  • CW Ready Tanks:121 IS4 Maus Leopard 1 Foch 155 Jagdpanzer e100 soon STB-1 (currently at tier 9 with the japanese) and soon Obj.268(only at tier 7 for now)
  • Positions you're interested in within the clan:Soldier
  • How many nights a week are you available for CW:3-5
  • Previous Clans? What caused you to leave:GMONK Didn't like the atmosphere
  • Why you're interested in Enjoy:It's a good clan active in CW i want to start playing cw soon and want to improve
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