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Zenkat Re-app

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  • Clan you are applying to: Enjoy (or a subclan if space needed)
  • Age: 35
  • Location: Arizona
  • CW Ready Tanks: 140, T62a, T57, JagE100
  • Positions you're interested in within the clan: social platoonee
  • How many nights a week are you available for CW: none, unless stars align and im off work early and not busy
  • Previous Clans? Enjoy subclans
  • What caused you to leave: death of Enjoy
  • Why you're interested in Enjoy: Been here, nice guys, would like to come back
  • Link to wotlabs.com sig: http://wotlabs.net/s...t/signature.png

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    It's Kryo! NOT Kryox or Kryoxx -_-

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Welcome Back! tsenjoy.us:9650 is our ts3 btw. In case I forgot to give it to you.

In Garage Tier 10: Batchat 25t, Object 268, IS-7, Object 263, AMX 50B, T57
In Garage Premiums: Type 59, IS-6, T34, SU-122-54, FCM, Stug IV
(Updated 4-29-15)