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Atragon: Thanks for the invite

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Just want to say thanks for the invite and I have always thought of Enjoy as a great clan. I had to take a year off after some surgery but just getting back to the game and looking for some good players to platoon with and possibly other competitive game play. I am quite busy in my home life and more so in the summer as I work summer nights and weekends. Ill do what I  can to support the clan, but I do get up real early and need that sleep.


As for my gaming back ground: I have always like computer gaming and arcades all my life and have played most of the highly rated Third and FPS's. My only other online game was BF1942.  I am into flight simulation and a member of the CH Products Hanger as I use a CH Products HOTAS and Kensington Expert Trackball for my gaming. I have spent many hours on MS FS2004 and IL2- Sturmovick.


I hope I meet the requirements of Enjoy; and if not, I would not be offended if you needed my spot for another player. 


Enjoy Application Format:.

  • Clan you are applying to: Enjoy
  • First Name: Chris
  • Age: 54
  • Location: Connecticut
  • CW Ready Tanks: 5 (IS7, T110E5, T-62, OBJ 140, E-100)
  • Positions you're interested in within the clan: Private (possibly recruiter or scout)
  • How many nights a week are you available for CW: 2 (usually off by 8:30 -9:00 pm wd's 10 pm we's)
  • Previous Clans? What caused you to leave: Commander pressuring tk's of people he didn't like.
  • Why you're interested in Enjoy: A good clan with good ethics towards other players.
  • Link to wotlabs.com sig. Use this example:

Goals: Right now my goal is to build up a lot of credits (Im thinking 15 million) and Free Exp while trying to maintain a descent win-8 so at the present time I am playing the Super Pershing a lot. Im close to being able to getting the good gun on the Emil-1 and wont buy the tank until I can research the good gun and tracks. At the same time, I would like to get more tier 10 playing time.