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Application - 2006 Overall Win8, 25 Tier 10s, 16K Battles

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  • Clan you are applying to: Enjoy (Main)
  • First Name: Troy
  • Age: 41
  • Location: Dallas


  • CW Ready Tanks: I have 25 Tier 10 Tanks, Several 3-4 Skill Crews
  • Positions you're interested in within the clan: Member - Tournaments, CW, Some Strongholds
  • How many nights a week are you available for CW: None until after Mid July (Currently moving this week and unpacking over the next 2-3 weeks), after that 3-5 days/week


  • Previous Clans? HAVOK - Burnout, VOLT - Disbanded, Limbo/Jimbo - Left for / Neeeded a Change after the Limbo Implosion
  • Why you're interested in Enjoy: First and Foremost, one of my best friends plays here MWMarine. I've also gotten incredibly bored with solo play (stats are suffering) from lack of interest in the game. Looking to be more competitive again. Additionally I've enjoyed and gotten along well with other members of Enjoy (Whiskey, Surgical), finally Enjoy is a Legacy clan that has been around a long time. I respect it.
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Whiskeys overrides all. You are accepted. But  in all seriousness, we have all played with you and it took very little to decide. Welcome in.

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Welcome to Enjoy!

In Garage Tier 10: Batchat 25t, Object 268, IS-7, Object 263, AMX 50B, T57
In Garage Premiums: Type 59, IS-6, T34, SU-122-54, FCM, Stug IV
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